Bull in a China shop

Ever have one of those weeks (months? years?) where everything seems to fall apart?

A lot of life’s little moments have taken a negative turn for me recently. Just as a for instance…

I backed into my babysitter’s car in my own driveway this past weekend, and the guilt of it still simmers just beneath the surface.  I’ve put my family into a financial situation, what with rising insurance and repair costs. I’m driving around with a busted bumper. My babysitter is taking it in stride, but I’m still stewing.

Accidents happen. But when you feel like the one that is causing all of the turmoil, its easy to get wrapped up in the downward spiral of reflection, negative outlook, anxiety, repeat.

I’m finding that grounding myself in the simplicity of each moment is helping me to get back on track:

  1. Give a nice compliment to someone, just for being them
  2. Methodically wash those dishes and zone out to Netflix
  3. Take a shower, but spend one extra minute just standing there with the water warming your face
  4. Hug your dog and tell him that he’s good
  5. Sip that whiskey (slowly!) and watch your kids play with each other

When it all comes crashing down, hunker down into the small moments.  It’ll help you find the love that you seek.


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